Friday, September 28, 2012

Next on Latino POLICE Radio: "Do you want to be made well"? when asking a sick person that question, would you say its a stupid question? "In God We Trust"

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Citizens Crime Watch

Ms. Carmen Caldwell, National Crime Prevention Coucil, on Latino POLICE Radio. How to start your program or what to look for in a watch program.

"In God We Trust"

Monday, November 7, 2011

LOA-FLA Pres & VP Interview on Latino POLICE Radio

Recently Latino POLICE Radio, interviewed newly elected Latino Officers President Angel Queipo and Vice President Yelitza Cedano, on their respective vision and faith for the LOA-FLA. Catch the interview on Latino POLICE Radio.

LOA-FLA BOD: President Angel Queipo LCSO, Vice President Yelitza Cedano MPD, Parliamentarian: Ed Martinez NYPD, Chaplain Joe Rendon PBSO, Chaplain Tim Fisher LCSO, Executive Secretary Wilfredo Hernandez FDLE, Treasurer: Robert Forrest LCSO, Sgt. At Arms Angelo Figueras MDCR, Past President & Founder Alexander Martinez MDCR / MDPSTI.

"In God We Trust"

November 3,2011

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The Lee Chapter is up and running with lots of new members and a new Board of Directors. As of October 22, 2011, I became the second president of the LOA-FLA in its ten year history. We also have two other board members that are from Lee County; Chaplain Tim Fisher (Sergeant Lee County S.O) and Treasurer Robert Forrest (Retired Lieutenant Lee County S.O). The Chapter Representative is Danny Greenup who is a Detective (Lee County SO).

I am reaching out to all of you to once again help support the LOA-FLA and its mission by updating your membership or joining for the first time. The LOA-FLA has grown to not just with law enforcement officers, but civilians in other professions as well. The only requirement is that any new member support our mission statement.

The new yearly fee has been dropped to $20.00 a year!!! Not bad considering all the services that we provide to our communities. Let’s not forget that elections are right around the corner and our strength comes from GOD, but also through or power of politics via our Political Action Committee (PAC). The LOA-FLA has been successful in creating relationships with police executives and politicians throughout the State and Nation.

I hope you all join us in the Latino Officers Association Florida and become part of a chapter in the State of Florida. I invite you all to visit our website and learn more about our wonderful organization. I have attached an application for your convenience and some frequently asked questions regarding membership:

I am not a police officer, can I join the LOA-FLA? Yes The LOA-FLA is open to both law enforcement officials and civilians.

How much is it to join the LOA-FLA? As of Oct 22, 2011 it will be $20 annually for law enforcement officials,civilians/associate members.

Do I have to be Latina/Latino to join the LOA-FLA? No. The LOA-FLA does not have restricted memberships. Regardless of your ethnicity, religion, and gender, you are welcome to become a part of the LOA-FLA. We welcome all who support our mission.

Is the LOA-FLA strictly a law enforcement organization? No, in addition, the LOA-FLA is an advocacy group. We instruct people on what their rights are with police officers, so that interactions between law enforcement and civilians can be handled effectively.

How do I contact the LOA-FLA? Have more questions?


God Bless,

Angel G. Queipo
Latino Officers Association Florida

"In God We Trust"

"In God We Trust"

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Peer Support / Critical Incident Stress Management

Officer Jeff Watson, speaks to Latino POLICE Radio, on the subject of peer support and Critical Incident Stress Management. The importance and the WHY, officers simply need it. Jeff Watson: contact information: for support and information: 321-264-7860!/thepsymajor "In God We Trust"

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